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Contact Us
Atul Sugar Screens Pvt. Ltd.

House No 657, S.No 81,
Hissa no- 3/1, Village Shivane,
PUNE - 411023 ( India )

Tel : +91 20 25292578/80
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About Us

Atul Sugar Screens Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and an internationally well known brand, synonymous for Quality and Reliability for Nickel screens for continuous centrifuges, is a professionally run company with a group of technocrats who are both innovative and futuristic.

ASSPL has earned the confidence of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world and holds market leadership in the Indian Market. Apart from the domestic market it has a strong presence in countries like USA, Europe, Brazil, Africa, Asia, Australia, etc.

With its vast experience, excellent manufacturing and testing facilities and a rich blend of professional talent - ASSPL has emerged as the largest exporter of Nickel Screens in Asia.


The Facilities


Atul has a state-of-the-art manufacturing setup backed by excellent testing facilities. A highly trained work force at Atul is one of the strongest advantages besides the proven technology that is its forte. With continuous up gradation in the technology and methods, ASSPL is one of the forefront Nickel screen manufacturing facility of its kind in the world.


Research & Development

Research And Development

Research & Development is an ongoing process and ideology behind ASSPL's success. With the ever growing demands of its discerning customers, continuous upgradation of technology and application, from prototype to product, this is an ongoing process at Atul. The experts at the R & D often provide the much required design and engineering assistance to the customers.

Apart from the sugar industry, Atul brand screens have been successfully used in food processors, coffee machines, flour grinders, shavers and appliances. It has also found applications in paints, rayon and chemical industries. Atul R & D is striving to enhance the utility and aesthetics of many other products by judicious use of Atul Nickel Screens.


Quality Control

Atul Sugar Screens Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company

The systems and procedures are backed by requisite instrumentation and intelligent systems. The states of art computerised systems are used to check the product at every stage of manufacturing.

To guarantee the performance, every Atul Screen is subjected to stringent quality checks

  • From the throughput point of view, the open area of each screen is measured
  • An electronic eye measures area of each slot
  • It is compared with corresponding international standards on a go no-go basis

Such rigorous measures render a high quality and reliability to every Atul screen, what it is known for.


The Technology

The heart of the technology is Electroforming process that allows precise duplication of the mandrel, resulting in high quality production with high repeatability. A matrix is produced by using photographic techniques of reduction followed etching. Highly accurate matrix having intricate slot shapes can be formed by this technology. Finally a Nickel screen which is electroformed on this matrix inherits all its immaculate features of accuracy and repeatability. Atul employs this explicit technology to manufacture screen with uniform slots, smooth finish and precise edge. The screens are made of high purity nickel. Subsequent to electroforming, they are hard chrome plated.